Francesca Hiew

A musician of diverse interests and influences, Francesca Hiew has maintained a
multifaceted career. She is currently a member of the Australian String Quartet and
was previously a full-time member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a core
member of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra.

A former student and fellow of the Australian National Academy of Music, Francesca
is passionate about fostering the future of chamber music. She enjoys teaching and
coaching chamber ensembles, regularly tutoring for the Australian Youth Orchestra,
Adelaide Youth Orchestra, the University of Adelaide and the Queensland
Conservatorium Griffith University.

Growing up in Brisbane as the second youngest of seven children, Francesca began
learning the violin at the age of four at the Stoliarsky School of Music. Her primary
teachers during her studies were William Hennessy, Michele Walsh, Emin Tagiev and
Mark Lakirovich.

Francesca plays a 1748-49 Guadagnini Violin, Piacenza, generously on loan from

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